Warrior of Peace, Warrior of Light


I greet you all my brethren in the Light!


The labors of many incarnations have finally reached this land - called Pearl of the Orient. The great Ruler Rigden Jheppo of Shambala of the secret Abode of the Masters in the White Island have finally taken notice of this country after more than four hundred years of purging and purification. The lamentations of her people have made the warriors of The Great Master incarnate in this land. Now they are here, the fierce and fiery warriors of the Light.

In 1936, the Great Pyramid of Gizeh proclaimed their coming. After the purification of the World War II lots of them are embodying in the little brown bodies of the Filipinos. Take pride now of your race for its time has come. Others, their colleagues in foreign lands have also embodied and are still arriving in great numbers. The superstitious, the tyrants, and the dark ones are now trembling for they will be pushed deeper into the abyss. Now the light is bursting - the sun has risen. Soothing is the brilliance of the new day for this country. The Knights are here - The NOBLE KNIGHTS OF THE MOST HIGH.

They will conquer this land with the fiery swords of their light and the burning compassion of their heart. Their conquest will not be bathed in blood but in peace and harmony ... By their tolerance they will be called Warriors of Peace. They will not cause pain to be inflicted upon man nor animal. No trees or structures will crumble into ashes. Their advance will not make children-orphans, and mothers-widows; but will make them shed tears of joy and laughter for their fathers will be one of them. These warriors of light are not neophytes of the path. They are achievers and have taken Cosmic Initiations in their previous lives. They have come not to beg but to share their illumination. They are incarnation of beauty and culture. When each has come of age,they will knock at the portals of all authentic mystery schools of which our Order is the highest in the land.

We must be prepared for their coming for they come in thousands, some are already among us and they rejoice at every step they make in their studies. Some are already aware of their task and mission and cooperate with God and the Invisible Masters to the best of their abilities. Though some are unconscious disciples still they are very effective in their work. Let us hasten their awakening so that we may see the brilliance of the noon day in this country of ours.