The Rosicrucians, Knights of the Mystic Rose is an authentic Order that has in its teachings ancient mystical knowledge and techniques that can enable an individual not only to know, but to experience Cosmic Consciousness. But what is Cosmic Consciousness? This artice from an illumined Master will help us grasp what this most lofty state is about:

"A lot has been written and said about Cosmic Consciousness. But these writings, being descriptions using the brain faculty, just fall short of truly relating what Cosmic Consciousness is. Words, pen and paper are insufficient to describe Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness cannot be penned, nor can it be pinned down with strings of words, no matter how wonderfully and cleverly crafted they may be. It cannot be said. It cannot be explained fully.

            On the other hand, it is relatively easy to say what Cosmic Consciousness is not. For one, it is something that is not human. Can you grasp the great significance of that statement? Cosmic Consciousness is not a human attribute. The respected scholar and writer on the subject, Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, himself said that Cosmic Men (those who possess Cosmic Consciousness) are not mortal. Persons who have Cosmic Consciousness belong to a different species. And if they were to demonstrate their abilities and faculties before us, we would be so stunned, so astonished that we would label those feats as nonhuman and beyond mortal facility.

            It is fascinating to recount and marvel about the feats and miracles of Cosmic Men. But as practical persons, we find it equally, if not more, interesting to learn about how to attain Cosmic Consciousness ourselves. Toward this end, we will keep in mind that transmission of higher consciousness happens in the physical presence of an adept. So it helps to talk about Cosmic Consciousness in groups like these. For while we talk, while we dissect the subject in a lively and participative fashion, our intuition is stimulated and it functions more actively.

            Now, there are two ways to attain Cosmic Consciousness. The first is through Aeons, Gods, or Masters. This denotes that another party is involved, something or someone outside of the person who wishes to attain Cosmic Consciousness. The second way is though discipline. But these two means are not necessarily separate or independent of each other. For those who are approached by a Master are usually they who have self-discipline.

            Now, what is an Aeon, Master or God? In ancient times, the term god was preferred. An Aeon, meanwhile, refers to an individual perfected by ancient suffering. Jesus was an Aeon. His suffering is known to all students of religion. Some of the doctrines he taught are found in the King James Bible. But of course he had other teachings. Many of these are contained in the so-called Gnostic Gospels. Aeons like Jesus do come to earth. And in this present cycle, there are many of them who have reincarnated, and who now live within the general populace.

            If your karma is pregnant, and your heart is pure, Aeons tend to come near you. But if your heart is impure, they will not be near you at all, in the real sense. You may even live in their house, you may stay with them for many years, but you will not benefit from such closeness—unless you are a real practitioner or you are one with a pure heart. That is why the neighbors of Buddha, and even those of Jesus, did not attain Cosmic Consciousness, while some of the disciples did.

            Masters and saints—our present-day terms for the Aeons and gods of ancient times—come to earth on a regular basis. Who descends on our plane is determined according to Hierarchy. There are twelve such Hierarchies. The higher the level, so too is the state of attunement with the Absolute, and the more perfect is the vision, the more perfect is the merger. So, some Masters are higher that others, according to their different ranks and echelons.

            Going back to Cosmic Consciousness, if we were to even come near achieving it, we must ask ourselves a fundamental question. And this is, “Do you really want to know? Do you really want to know yourself, to know God?” When you dwell on this thought, other basic, key questions arise: “Who am I?” “What am I?” “Where am I going?” “Where do I come from?” These questions must grip and preoccupy you. They must burn within you. You must be obsessed to find the answers to them.

            Time is very fleeting. So if you are not obsessed, you will not attain. There is no other choice but to be obsessed towards really wanting to know. That’s the requirement, and a non-negotiable one at that.

            Cosmic Consciousness is a force that is very far, very different from us in terms of vibration, yet it is also very near us. It is all around us, it is everywhere. Let me clarify with an example. Our thoughts and emotions, our very program, are very far from the program of the spirit. Look at us. We are grabbers. Even our prayers are aimed at grabbing or gaining something. But the God to whom we pray is life-giving. That’s how different our vibrations are. We are very far from this God, not in physical terms nor in time, but in vibration or in consciousness. That’s why if you do not love God with all your heart, with all your soul—then there is no possibility of attaining.

            The requirement is to follow God’s laws, and to follow and love Him with all your mind and with all your soul. This is a contract. And the condition is that you must follow His laws. There is no going around this provision; it cannot be bent or broken.

            A quick rule to guide our conduct is, “Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done unto you.” The Christ in embodying pure and total Love, said the same thing, but in a better way, with these words: “Love God with all your mind, with all your heart, and with all your soul,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

These two laws, together with the obsession to know God, are the basic values, the cornerstones in attaining Cosmic Consciousness. Others of a philosophical  or scientific bent may say “I don't want to know God. I want to know existence.” This is fine. The important thing is that they should be obsessed with the desire to know existence. The quest to know God, to know existence, to know oneself, to find true spirituality, to see God—all these are basically the same. Aren't they but the quest for the unknown, a quest of the soul, a deep-rooted longing and yearning for something that is lacking in oneself? All humans have this urge, whether they realize it or not. And it is this urge—the urge to know—that separate us from animals. Later on, when we have acquired greater maturity, we come across a strange but wonderful law, that only man can see and know God.

            In certain monasteries I have gone to in India, the words Manav Kendra are written. This means “man-making.” It is a curious phrase. One asks, why not “God-making” or “illumined-making” instead? People are of two kinds only: the alligator type, or the monkey. The alligator is predatory and rapacious, while the monkey is stubborn and troublesome. If you look around you, you will see people who evince these animal qualities. They have not become true humans yet. They do not have the capacity to love truly, which is the definition of being human. Unless you are capable to love, you will not give. Now try looking at yourself objectively to see which kind you are. Do you realize that prior to reaching Godhood, it is man-making that must be first given attention?

            When one becomes a true human being who loves and gives, he begins to exemplify true morality. This morality is not that of mere words or written laws. It is the morality demonstrated through actions. It is the morality that gives, the morality of giving. What most people want is to receive first before the give. Are you human? Are you a man? Are you humane? One good measure of this is how much you give. Give first. If you do not follow the law of giving, then you shall never see God, never attain Cosmic Consciousness. The best practice of morality is giving. Give first of your own physical possessions, such as money, clothes, food, etc. then give of yourself to others, as exemplified by Mother Teresa. When you do this, God shall cease to be far.

            To sum up, the requirement to attain Cosmic Consciousness is a concrete and decisive desire to know. Foremost is to know God according to our best concept, then to know self, then existence. These may sound like different goals and different terms, yet they are all the same. And as you strive to solve the riddle of who you are, and what you are, you should abide by the rules. That is to say, abide by moral values. Only by being morally upright can man realize his distinctness from animals. Is there a dog that is morally upright? Are there monkeys and alligators that recognize moral laws and live by them? None. Like many men, their minds are confused, their lives difficult and in disarray, and their way is to wantonly usurp others’ properties and disrespect others’ rights. Now, when your actions prove that you are moral, that you abide by moral precepts every day, the next concern that should be addressed is method. This is the “how” or the techniques that will lead you to Cosmic Consciousness. What approach or means can bring a moral man fastest to the state of Cosmic Consciousness? Religion says it is through devotion. I like that. And it is true, although it is a long path. I am a Rosicrucian and a Vajrayani. Our techniques are scientific, and our methodology is straightforward; we go by the logic that to travel from Point A to Point B, you do not have to move through a loop, nor through a spiral, nor any circuitous route. Instead, you go through a straight line. This, of course, is geometrically the shortest distance between two points.

            The straight-line approach is indeed scientific. From facts, we establish that the force we call God, existence, or reality is approachable and attainable by man. We can unite with it. There are proofs of even ordinary men achieving this much-sought-after state of illumination. In the last thousands of years, many have done so. Even in the last century, a considerable number also achieved Cosmic Consciousness, including Walt Whitman and Krishnamurti. And I know of some people now who are illumined.

            Now let us  go back to the “how” or the methodology of attaining Cosmic Consciousness. First, let us examine the laws or principles governing the phenomenon. Perhaps, you have heard the saying. “Know ye not that ye are gods?” There is great truth in this statement. We are of the same status as the gods that we revere. There is no difference at all between us and them. The problem is that we have amnesia. We have ceased to know, we have forgotten, that we are of the same stuff as the gods, that there is nothing in us physically and soulfully that is not of God, because God is everywhere. The Christ lovingly provided a clue: “Know ye not that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you?”

            What a lamentable situation: the whole body is God, yet asleep! This physical body of ours is not just flesh, blood and bones—in it is the inner man! In it is the soul, embedded in every cell, in every fiber or our being. But alas, it is asleep, and we are not conscious of it!

            So, what we must do is awaken it. To do this, use the first technique found in your lessons, the technique called “Pore Breathing.”

            When doing Pore Breathing, ignore any and all phenomena that might arise. If you focus on the phenomena instead, or on the psychic experiences, you will never see, you will never find what you are really looking for. Remember this statement: Our target is God. As long as not all chakras or psychic centers are awakened, the God force cannot manifest in us. So read your lessons well, review them, and this will be of great benefit to you.

            There are two major glands—the heart at the center of the chest, and the pineal gland in the center of the head. Or more accurately, the second gland referred to is the combination of the pineal and pituitary glands. It is as big as a marble in the spiritual plane. Unless you can meditate on the heart center for thirty minutes or more, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The heart center is the headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood. All saints, all masters are here, in this first level of the Mind of God which is the heart chakra. So again, refer to your lessons, review the techniques to enter or awaken the heart center.

            To digress a bit, there is actually an average age for attaining Cosmic Consciousness. According to law, at the age of 35, all men, if properly prepared, can attain Cosmic Consciousness. Beyond age 35, attainment is still possible, of course. Jesus attained it at age 35, and so did Buddha. But bear in mind what Jesus prophesied, that after him, many will come who are even superior to him. They have come already. There are people on earth in our present cycle who attained Cosmic Consciousness below age 35, such as at age 19 or 20, or even younger. A grand event is about to happen on earth, a Golden Age is being prepared. Masters superior to Buddha and Jesus have reincarnated and are now here. They are men of very great wisdom, of pure Sophia.

            So you are lucky. The auras of all these great incarnate Masters positively affect the earth, and can potentially provide a boost for mystics to achieve wondrous spiritual heights. So the time to practice, and practice hard, is now. You should strive very hard because if you attain Cosmic Consciousness, your cells, your electrons, your very being will be transformed, and you will be a human no more. You will have become an eagle. Remember, only an eagle can look directly at the sun. Some Cosmic Men are suns themselves.

            “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word took flesh.” Some of the Cosmic men who are now on earth are really the Word incarnate. And their auras permeate the earth. Without their presence, World War III could have Without them, we might have experienced a great many calamities so devastating as to transform earth into a literal hell.

            Strive to change, to practice hard, while you are here on earth, which is both a prison house and a school. When you attain Cosmic Consciousness, you have the right not to come back anymore, and instead pursue further evolution in other planes. For there are other, higher levels of consciousness beyond Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness is, after all, just the beginning of a new species of being.

            So now, it is time to practice, and I do hope you practice well and hard.

            I want you to have your heart center awakened as well. There is a law that says, if the heart center is opened, you will develop the ability to learn, and to learn at a fast pace, a very fast pace indeed. Your mind’s eye, your memory will become photographic. Your mind will be inspired, and you will develop the ability to adapt quickly. Opportunities will come your way. It is said that in the heart center lies felicity. If this psychic center functions already, your aura will expand tremendously. Wonderful things will come to you. Would you not want opportunities to find you and come to you, rather than you strenuously hunting around for them? If something can make this happen, it is precisely the opening of the heart center, erupted already.

            Some of you may be familiar with the Aquarian Gospel. In it, the Christ mentions two, and only two, psychic centers. One is the Heart, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. The other is the center of the head where many lights converge. This latter is the Kingdom of the Soul, the very Being of the Lord. The technique to awaken it is simple, and is found in your lessons. In brief, it requires that you concentrate on the center of the head and visualize a brilliant ball of light aflame there. Most Cosmic Men of the highest order derive wisdom and illumination, and are able to attune to the Divine, through this psychic center.

            When you have awakened the psychic center found at the center of the head, you also develop intuition, the language of the Lord. The language of the Cosmic is intuition, never the intellect nor the emotions. Once you master intuition, you will have inspiration. Your life will be meaningful and blessed, your outlook and deportment will be tranquil and joyful, and very importantly, you will attain illumination. When you become illumined, you will behold the fabric of reality. You will then have attained the first plane of Cosmic Consciousness.

            Merging with Cosmic Consciousness entails not only knowing God, but also knowing God’s laws, not intellectually nor emotionally, but through union. You become the law itself. This being so, it becomes very hard, if not impossible, for you to defy or go against the law. For how can you defy or violate your own self.

            In closing, these three are then the requirements for the attainment of Cosmic Consciousness: Obsession, Morality, and Practice. Be obsessed to know. Practice true morality, especially the acts of selfless giving and loving. Then practice, practice, practice. Do the Pore Breathing technique, exercises to awaken the psychic centers corresponding to the heart and the center of the head, and other techniques revealed in your lessons."