A Simple yet Powerful Technique to a Life of Peace, Fulfillment and Bliss


Every 8:00pm (Manila Time), sit relaxed and close your eyes.

(8:00-8:10pm) Listen to the beatings of your heart. Imagine your heart to be like a glowing and radiating Sun inside you, then feel your heart-sun to be the center of your being, then as the center of the universe. Now feel J-V-P-L-K. Do not think but FEEL each one:

(J)—JOY: (2 minutes) Feel your heart-sun to be the embodiment of Joy and Bliss. Don’t merely think of joy or bliss; feel it as vividly as you can. If you feel the urge to smile, then smile. It may help you feel joy better. Feel each positive attribute as a bundle of energy emanating from your heart-sun. Let this energy radiate all over your body.

(V)—VITALITY: (2 minutes) Feel Strength and Vitality. Your heart-sun is awash with vim and vigor.  With every positive feeling you emote, visualize the light to glow brighter and more intense.

(P)—PEACE: (2 minutes) Feel your heart-sun to be filled with Goodness and Peace. Everything is alright and in perfect harmony. There is peace in your heart-sun, and you are at peace with yourself, with the world and the entire universe.

(L)—LOVE: (2 minutes) Feel your heart-sun to be the embodiment of Love, overflowing with bliss. Be sincere in feeling these emotions.

(K)—KINDNESS: (2 minutes) Feel Kindness as if your heart-sun is expanding to all and embracing all, pouring your compassion, kindness and goodness to all creatures. Again, do not think but feel each virtue and emotion for two (2) minutes each.

(8:10-8:25pm) Now, stop feeling and radiating JVPLK, just be in the center of your heart in a state of bliss, of universal love for all. Stay there for 15 minutes.

(8:25-8:30pm) Relax and just be passive, forget your visualization. Do this for 5 minutes.



* There is a law that states, “As you think and emote, you become.” As you continue this exercise daily for forty (40) days, you will notice that many forms of stress in your daily living are reduced; your outlook in life becomes more positive making you a happier and more harmonious person. Unnecessary diseases will be gone because stress and feelings of inharmony are the causes of many diseases as recent psychological and medical sciences have proven scientifically.

* Scientific laboratory studies done at the HeartMath Institute in the United States proves that the heart commands the brain. The thoughts and energies generated from the heart boost the intelligence and creativity of the neurons in the brain in a positive way. The individual practicing this on a daily basis will not only maximize his intelligence, but also improve his memory and creative abilities making him one of the smartest persons in the world.

* Since you have become a being of peace, joy and harmony, you will be able to decide with positive attitude on every life’s problem that will lead to success and prosperity in all levels.

* Try this for forty (40) days and see the results. You will have a life of goodness, auspiciousness, and profound peace. And if you have proven it for forty (40) days, kindly continue it throughout your life. Remember, there is nothing to lose in this spiritual exercise. It only takes thirty (30) minutes out of the 1,440 minutes that one day comprises; your life and destiny are in your hands. If you find it in your heart that this will help others, you may pass this method to your family, relatives and friends.

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