Within the KMR is the perpetuation of a Tradition as well as the source of a Tradition. Simply put, the Mission is to serve humanity and all its aspects through esoteric, mystical, and chivalrous work through the establishment of sacred principles of freedom, tolerance, and harmony.

ALCHEMY - Alchemy is one of the two oldest sciences known to man (the other is astrology). It is the forerunner of chemistry. Superficially, it is concerned with the transmutation of base metals into the highest and purest metal of all—gold. Our chief concern, however, is with an art called Transcendental Alchemy, which is the ultimate key to power, prosperity, success; and aims to transform man into the best, highest and most sublime that he can be.
KNIGHTS TEMPLAR - The KMR follows the compatible traditions of the Knights Templar, espoused by the concept of Chivalry. It is important to note that the KMR is not a military order at all in the physical sense. Its members are militant only in their personal attitudes about maintaining and fostering the principles of the KMR in their lives.
ROSICRUCIANISM - It has been said that it is the hidden quintessence of Christianity. But Rosicrucianism is actually older, tracing its beginnings to the land of Khem— ancient Egypt. Among the hallmarks of a Rosicrucian are continuous self-improvement through dedicated study, practice and service; the investigation of natural and cosmic laws through experiments; and humanitarian activities.
MYSTICISM - Mysticism deals with the study of man, psychic and spiritual faculties, and his relationship with the universe. It is the science of being or ontology and it encompasses the process of attaining optimum health, wealth, and peace of mind.