If you long and crave for real understanding about the true nature of life and the universe, then the Order is the place for you. Membership in the Order is a rare and wonderful opportunity that empowers a person and enables him to enjoy life’s abundant blessings. It is open to all progressive– minded men and women who seek wisdom and self-development with an open mind.


Anyone may become a KMCE member, provided that he possesses the following qualifications:
– An open mind
– Willingness to learn
– Desire to improve oneself and one's life
– Tolerance for all spiritual systems of belief
– At least 15 years of age

Membership Application

Qualified candidates may apply for membership at the seminars, intensive meditations and convocations of the Order, through mail or e-mail, or they may call or go to the nearest lodge available in their place. Walk-in applicants are requested to come at least 30 minutes before the intensive meditation or convocation time to be oriented and to allow their application to be duly processed..

Monthly Membership Fees

No registration fee is charged once a candidate applies for membership. A monthly payment of fifty pesos (PhP 50) only is required in order for the member to receive the Order's lessons in monograph form monthly. If members encounter difficulty in getting their monographs personally, they may opt to receive these by mail, although this type of service is meted an additional charge for the postal fee.


The lessons in monograph form may be studied in the comfort and privacy of the members' own homes, at their preferred pace and schedule. Being a benefit of membership, the lessons must be read by the member alone. They are absolutely not to be shown to or shared with other people. This is the vow of secrecy to which the member agrees and commits upon entry into the Order. It is a vow incumbent upon all members of authentic mystical schools.


Members may also attend the Order's convocations which are a unique type of group meditation patterned after age-old rituals. In the convocation, one gets to practice certain meditative exercises which include the chanting of powerful God-names or mantras that are known only to members of the Order.

While convocation attendance is not a requirement imposed on members, it is highly recommended so that they can benefit from the strong rejuvenative effects that it brings. The convocation is also a venue to meet other members who are kindred spirits, and to ask the help of the officers and senior members for clarification, if needed, on matters pertaining to the lessons.

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