After the Novice Degree,here are some of the revelations that are awaiting to empower you to create your own future and become Master of your own Destiny.

Initially, here are a few of the teachings of the Knight Templars Degree: Templar 1 (Knight Zelator)

The Secrecy of its Higher Teachings
The Law of Symbolism
Ancient Secret Alphabets
Numerals and Symbols
The Meaning of Numbers
Matter and its Existence
The Law of the Triangle
The Laws of the Universe
The Material World and its Composition
The Physical Composition of Man and All Animal Life
What Makes Man a Living Being, The Elements of Physiology
The Place of Spirit in Man
The Manifestation of Spirit Energy
Spirit Vibrations, Electrons and Atoms
The Natural Law of the Composition of Matter
The Law of Motion and Rhythm
Polarity and Magnetism
Demonstrations of the Action of Electrons in Forming Matter
The Hidden Principles regarding the Nature of Matter and its Manifestation
The Law of Vibrations and the Cosmic Keyboard
A Summary of the Principal Laws of the Universe regarding Matter
and Man's Material Body and All Forms of Existing Things.

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