If you successfully pass the the Templar 1 Degree, here are some of the teachings within the Templar 2 (Knight Theoricus) of Knights Templar Degree that awaits the aspirant:

The Mind of Man and its Faculties and Functioning
The Mind's Relation to Cosmic and Mundane Consciousness
An Analysis of the Mind and Brain in Action
The Dual Consciousness in Man
Various Forms of Reasoning
The Improvement of Reasoning
Will Power, Its Development
Its Relation to Health and Disease
The Memory, Its Origin, Location, and Development
The Purpose of the Memory with the Soul and Cosmic
The Secret Inner Chief Engineer of Each Being
The Nature of Habits
Mental Suggestion
The Art and Science of Suggestion
The Living Soul within the Body and its Reason for Being Incarnated in the Human Body
Review of the Mental and Psychic Parts of Man

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