This is the last stage of the Knights Templar Degree of KMCE, and as a Knight Magus, a highly impressive Temple Ritual whereby the Members who have properly reached this Degree and duly qualified for it are given titles and honors of the highest standing in the Order, as far as Temple Ceremonies are concerned.

Serious obligations of Secrecy and devotion to KMCE Doctrine are required of those who take this Initiation and receive the highest Passwords and methods of recognition in the Temple Degrees.

This Degree includes revelations regarding Man's relation to God and the higher Forces of the Cosmic and the development of the highest metaphysical powers within his own body.

He is enabled to use some of these forces of Nature to blot out and make hidden material things as well as eliminate mental and psychic things which may be obstacles in his life, and direct or change the course of natural events in their relation to him so as to bring about certain results in his own affairs or in the affairs of others.

This is the last Degree in which the Student receives Initiation on the Material Plane in Material Temples, and from this point he receives further instruction and Psychic Initiation as he is ready for them.

In this Degree, also, the Student receives the last vowel sound of the Lost Word and learns how to use this word for instantly affecting Laws, Principles, and Manifestations throughout Nature.

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