For those who have succeeded in the work of the previous Degree or those who passed as a Knight Ademptus Exemptus, another impressive Ritualistic Ceremony or Initiation await the student to become a Knight Magister Templi.

At this point, the student is instructed with definite lessons and exercises in the possibility of projecting his psychic body through all matter and space to any person or place and there making himself visible as he is in this incarnation, or as he was in a previous incarnation, with the further ability to cause certain material things to move or respond as he directs, including the production of sounds from musical instruments, from his own voice, or from things he may psychically touch.

He or she is also instructed in the principles whereby he can give treatments to others during such projections or carry on humanitarian activities without revealing himself.

This Degree also reveals the Laws regarding the real personalities in each of us and many facts about our past incarnations. True facts regarding so-called spiritualistic principles and phenomena are revealed, and many other important KMCE Teachings.

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