Bringing The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth


Charity and Chivalry is the essence of knighthood.

It's mission is to fight against diseases, poor health, poverty, suffering, and ignorance--in essence, a Knight is a Warrior of Peace.

It's mission is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on all levels - physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. To empower every mortal by teaching him cosmic laws and techniques to stop suffering, thus developing in him perfect health, prosperity, and higher consciousness.

In the last stage of his development, a true knight becomes chivalrous and charitable to manifest the true essence of God - Divine Love in action. The true knight fulfills the law:

"Love is the Law, Love under Will, Do What Thou Will."

Love tempered, not emotionalism or sentimentalism, but tempered by his Will imbued with wisdom and he does his Will which is aligned with the Cosmic Will - the will to do good, serve and sacrifice for humanity by peaceful means, is the path to attainment of Peace Profound.