Membership is open to both men and women, 15 years of age or older. To become a Knight or Dame of the KMCE, sincere seekers regardless of sex, race, or religion are invited. The organization is non-sectarian and is not a religious movement. Its eclectic character and tolerance towards all beliefs is demonstrated by the fact that adherents of various religious persuasions can be found amongst its membership.

If you wish to become a part of the Knights of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica, please fill up the application form and submit it together with your membership dues for the lessons. Once your application and payment has been received and accepted you will receive your first set of lessons.

You may register for KMCE membership in seminars and convocations of the KMCE, through mail or email, or you may call a KMCE Lodge nearest you for inquiries.

No registration fee is charged once a candidate applies for membership. However, a monthly payment of one hundred pesos (PhP 100.00) is required in order to receive the KMCE lessons in monograph form. For foreigners or non-Filipinos, the monthly payment is $14 which is already inclusive of postage and mailing cost to any country.

The Knights of the MCE have the privilege to attend convocations which are a unique type of group meditation patterned after age-old rituals. While attending a convocation is not imposed, it is highly recommended that one should participate due to the relaxing and regenerating effects that it brings. Also, attendance to these convocations promote camaraderie between KMCE members.

The lessons are organized in Knight Degrees, progressing from the rudimentary to the higher teachings.

'Vive Dieu Saint Amour'
("Long Live God's Holy Love!")
(one of the popular battle-cries of the Knights Templar)

You should join us if you want to:
-achieve your goals and dreams in life
-develop super strength and power
-have a life of abundance and wealth
-develop the most coveted Cosmic Consciousness
-become a modern Knight, or Dame -- modern but ever mindful of our heritage

To become one of the Knights of the MCE, simply fill out a registration from and get started on the lessons.

No one will try to change your opinions or views; no one will ask you to do anything. If you wish you can just be a member, which is by definition supporting the ideals of the Knights Templar; or you can choose to be involved in any way you feel is right for you. You choose your own membership path. If you regard yourself as honourable we welcome you to join us in friendship to promote:

-Fraternity, Friendship, Spirituality, Meditation,Charity and Chivalry.
-To maintain the history of the Knights Templar and preserve ancestral heritage
-To encourage the noble ideals of Chivalry and to promote 'Nobility through deeds of Charity & Honour'.
-To support the poor, the sick, the unjustly accused, to stand against oppression and to protect freedom & liberty.












You may download the KMCE Registration Form from this site, print a copy, fill pertinent details, and send it through mail or bring it personally to the nearest KMCE Lodge in your area.




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