The Convocation Ritual is the primary and foremost activity of the Lodge. Here, active members congregate in a sacred and private place to perform group meditation. The elements of a convocation such as music, candles, incense, among others, add to and assist in raising the consciousness to make the attunement with the Cosmic more meaningful. During convocations, powerful spiritual energies are gathered and attending members bathe in these powerful radiations of joy, vitality, peace, love and kindness.


This is also a group meditation led by a senior member but without any ritual. Advanced techniques of the Masters are performed which bring physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. The cosmic vibrations are intensified with Knights practicing the guided meditation techniques.


Free public lectures are conducted on a regular basis to spread the light of the teachings of the Order. Usual topics include Opening of the third eye, Secrets of Meditation, Soul Projection and transcendence, The Power of Kundalini, Cosmic Consciousness, etc.

Special lectures are also scheduled exclusively for members for their advancement.


“If Muhammad cannot go to the mountains, the mountains will go to Muhammad.”

If you have a group interested to be initiated into our Beloved Order or would like to attend an Orientation Seminar about the Order, the senior officers can be invited to your place – to any state or country. This also holds true to a group of active members who would like to hold regular Intensive Meditations in their locality and eventually put up a Lodge for Regular convocations.


It is the privilege of active members to ask for help or radiation during extreme emergencies after the member has done all he could, and applied all the techniques he has learned, before asking the Order.

First-degree relatives and immediate family members may also be requested for radiation, however, this should also be done in extreme emergencies, and as much as possible, permission should be asked from the afflicted family member first (or, the family member should be informed).

It is true that sickness and chaos in our lives are the result of lack of harmony. We recommend or suggest regular attunement with the Cosmic by attending regularly the convocations and intensive meditations in the lodge nearest your place of residence and the daily practice of the meditation techniques found in Order's lessons, especially during times of need and when problems arise.

Violation of Cosmic Law is the root of disharmony. One should stop and correct this violation, otherwise the radiation service would be useless. The Order and its teachings are here for us to learn how to live in accordance and in harmony with the Cosmic, that we may have a peaceful and abundant life. The principles of the Order can never be used to escape karma and break or violate Nature's laws.

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