Welcome to the Rosicrucians, KMR!

It is indeed a momentous time in your life that have brought you to the portals of this remarkable Order. The KMR is an authentic, mystical Order that has in its teachings the laws, techniques, scientifically grounded and carefully preserved throughout the ages, for man to know himself, to discover the unlimited potential of his physical, mental and spiritual nature and to use this for his evolution and the fulfillment of the purpose of his existence--to understand and experience life, creation and to know God...

The unlimited potential of man pertains to his abilities of creativity in the arts, science, music, and culture, self-healing or regeneration for his wellness and longevity, development of his psychic abilities and the awakening of his energy centers for the unfoldement of his divine nature. The KMR provides and explains all the laws behind these and provides the techniques for acquiring a life of success, wellness, prosperity, peace of mind and awakens in the practitioner, love and compassion towards others.

To embark in a mystical journey is perhaps the most beautiful experience one can ever have in his life. There is a spark within each one of us that begs to be kindled and transformed into an illuminating Light; a Light that can be used to heal, to manifest our goals, to transform our lives, to awaken the goodness and divinity within us and to illuminate others as well.


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